Finding employment has been challenging for some since Donald Trump and his team left the White House. The coveted jobs that are typically available to former White House administration members simply aren’t there in the U.S. Many former staffers are exploring unconventional options. Jim Crow, who was Trump’s closest adviser, is now looking for work across the pond.

Unable to land any interviews stateside, Crow responded enthusiastically when asked what motivated him to apply for work overseas. “It was clear when I watched Oprah’s interview of Meghan and Harry that Buckingham Palace has an opening for an experienced racist. The Queen issued a statement saying race issues are going to be addressed by the family privately. I can definitely help with what they probably want to accomplish. It’s a dream job. I still can’t believe there’s a place in the world that’s even more racist than America. They’re currently going about their bigotry old-school style, but this is the 21st century and it calls for modern racism. You can’t be openly hostile with your prejudice and blurt out that you’re concerned about a baby’s skin color. I can bring my decades of experience in disguised racism that simmers just beneath the surface so it’s easy to gaslight anyone who claims to be a target of discrimination.”

The proud racist has no doubt that he has what it takes to serve the royal family. “They’ve got to employ me if they want to hang on to their white privilege. And I’ll be happy to take Charles, or whoever’s concerned about baby skin, under my wing and teach him a few things about being more covert with his comments and hostility directed at non-white family members. If they don’t hire me as the royal racist adviser, I’m going to apply for Piers Morgan’s old job at Good Morning Britain. I’ve got tons of experience in insulting multi-racial girls and denying victims’ claims.”

Many on America’s Far Right are upset about Jim Crow’s potential departure. Former Iowa Representative Steve King is concerned about the nation’s future. “It’ll lead to white genocide in America. How can we continue to be the greatest country in the world without Jim Crow?”

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